We are opening for Airbnb in Autumn 2017

Preview our facilities here…



Our guest room is a large double bedroom at the front of the house.  The double bed has a comfortable orthopaedic-style mattress, a cosy duvet, cotton bedding and choice of feather or foam pillows.  If it’s a little chilly there are extra blankets and hot water bottles available.  The bedroom is heated by a radiator that runs entirely from our wood-burner, which is fuelled by reclaimed wood.  The house is normally very quiet.

There is a kettle in the room, with fair-trade tea, herb teas and proper coffee.  There is also a toaster for do it yourself breakfasts. We are not currently able to offer cooked breakfasts, but if you prefer something more substantial there are numerous cafes within a short walk.

Internet and charging

WiFi is supplied by fibre-optic broadband.  Mobile phone signal varies depending on network. Vodafone works well upstairs.  There are two double sockets, with additional USB charging. Power is supplied by Good Energy. There is a TV and DVD player, and a small selection of DVDs.  There are loads of permaculture and smallholding books that you are welcome to browse, and a desk in the bedroom if you’d like to write or study.


We have no en suite facilities, and the bathroom and toilet is shared by guests and family.  The water is heated entirely by renewables; by the sun in the summer and wood-burner in the winter. All cleaning products are bio-degradable, and our soaps are natural and plant-based.

Solar and wood heated high pressure shower


We avoid unnecessary packaging if possible, and re-use as much as we can.  We feed all food to the worms, both raw and cooked. We have local facilities for recycling paper, card, glass, plastic bottles, food plastic and tubs, carrier bags, batteries tins and metal. We keep landfill to an absolute minimum, and are happy to do all your recycling for you.


We are within walking distance of the bus stop, coach arrival point and  railway station. We encourage walking, cycling and public transport for environmental reasons, but if necessary there is parking available for one vehicle.



There is a nice sunny back garden that guests can use…


…and also a little smoking /coffee/writing area at the front.



Guests are invited on a mini-tour of the permaculture garden…


…or of the interior eco-renovations if you prefer.

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Permaculture House in Totnes Airbnb