Meet us

Permanent and occasional members of our household:

Cathy Ashleyme-cathy

Housekeeper, gardener, house renovator, driver, scavenger, chainsaw operator, bookseller, administrator, lawyer, writer and boss.

Cathy holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and writes for Permaculture Magazine and The Land.  As ‘Buy The Books’ she sells secondhand books on Amazon Marketplace, and as ‘Get It Here!’ she runs a funky tat stall at Glastonbury Festival, Port Eliot and the Green Gathering.  She has a Law degree and Certificate in Legal Practice, with particular interests in land law and welfare benefits.  She hosts a Facebook page called ‘Universal Credit and the Self-Employed’ and is currently studying for an MA in Professional Writing.


Cai Ashley14249990_1061324497296423_367499848308487227_o

Song writer, rapper, IT consultant and mender of cupboards.

Cai is a care worker, trained as a music producer at DBS Plymouth and rides a motorbike.




Rhiannon Ashleyaaa-profile-shot

Media and communications consultant, Creative Suite expert, photographer, feminist.

Rhiannon has a degree in Media and Communications from University of Greenwich, she is a campaigner and events organiser and currently works for the charity Frontline.





Floor cleaner, duck herder, wood collector, bike-puller and guard dog. Roxy is a Border Collie, ball-chaser, barker and potential escapee.



Tortoiseshell mouse hunter and sweet kitty.  She specialises in early morning calls.






Mocha and Pepperscreenshot-2016-12-04-11-56-54

Slug controllers, egg layers and manure producers.

Mocha is partial to a bit of bread if you are passing, and sometimes tolerates a cuddle. Pepper can fly, but doesn’t know it.


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