The garden in the early 90s

Gwydion’s sorting out his shed at the moment, to get a south facing window put in. He found a load of photographs, including this one of the front garden. This is pretty much how it was when we moved in – before I took up gardening and the front garden was pretty much a kids play area. The ash tree, which I now coppice and use for firewood, is sprouting invisibly at the top left of the picture. The forsythia you see along the top is still there now, looking bedraggled due to my hacking at it rather unceremoniously and usually a bit late (it should be done before flowering). Along the left hand boundary there used to be a slight mound, which included a wasp nest. There was no gate in the fence at the top right as there is now – I added this several years later when I read in a feng shui book that changing the entrance would change the emphasis from ‘family’ to ‘career’. (Not sure if it worked.)

The apparition in the centre ground is Gwydion in a King Arthur tunic, in the process of lobbing a wooden Excalibur into an imaginary lake. He’s got shorter hair now, and no longer wears frocks.

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