Rooftop container carrots

You can tell what a simple soul I am, because today I am excited about carrots!

I have never really grown carrots before. I think I might have grown one, in 1991.  Every year I try, and every year I fail. This year I grew them on the roof in a polystyrene watercress box. I sprinkled the seed liberally and closely, having seen an elderly allotment holder do it like that on TV. He reckoned the pot raised the carrots high enough to avoid carrot root fly, but I wasn’t taking any chances and put them on the roof. The plan was to thin them, eat little tiny ones and give the bigger ones more room to grow, but every time I pulled one all I produced was a fine orange thread. I forgot about them for about four months. They dried out in the sun. The tops died back and they all looked dead and past it. I was just going to empty the box, pulled at a couple of straggly stalks, and out came… carrots! Small carrots, yes, but firm and dry and healthy looking – and a surprising quantity. Believe it or not, this little bunch came out of only about 3 square inches of box. I’ve still got a crop of carrots in the ‘ground’, on the roof. It gives a wonderful feeling of security.

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