Victoria Plum

The Victoria Plum is a cooking and desert plum.  It is a self-fertile variety, so only one is required (some varieties need another plum or damson in the vicinity).   Is rather large for a normal garden, casting quite a lot of shade as it matures and creating a dry bed underneath.  It takes virtually no care.   Every now and again a branch needs to be removed, either to let light in or to prevent a branch getting to heavy and snapping off.  It is an early flowering tree, which is great as a first source of nectar, but if it is too cold for the bees to venture out it can help to pollinate it by hand with a feather duster.

It fruits prolifically throughout September, and can be quite onerous picking and processing the plums.  Cooked plums are very sharp without adding sugar, but lend themselves well to jam for this same reason.  They make a beautiful red wine, and can also be salted, in a similar way to the Japanese umeboshi plum.

It is on rootstock, so cannot be propagated from cuttings.


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